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This Data Protection and Privacy Policy is a binding legal document between Vantage Point Consulting Sdn Bhd (“Vantage”, “PSERV360”) that owns and operates the website trading under the name PSERV360, and you, (“you”, “User”) when you interact with PSERV360 by any means including through this website (“the Website), personal interaction, social media.
This Data Protection and Privacy Policy explains the privacy practices of PSERV360 with respect to the information collected or in the possession and control of PSERV360 which relates directly or indirectly to Users (or any other corporation or individual) to the extent that you (or the other corporation or individual) may be identified or identifiable from that information or from that combined with other information in the possession of the PSERV360 (“Personal Data”). This Personal Data information may be collected through various means when interacting for the Purpose including though the Website, personal interaction, social media.

The terminology in the Definition/Glossary and words defined in the General Terms of Use are applicable to this Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

PSERV360 adheres to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) of Malaysia and any relevant subsidiary legislation.

1. Information we may collect from you

Personal Data which may be collected include:-

a) Personal information for general contact, invoicing purposes or registration for the Purpose- Users’ name, email address, telephone contact, designation, office or correspondence address, location, profile information including identification document number, gender, marital status and dependants, or other information in which you can be identified or contacted with;
b) Payment information such as bank account details and other related information;
c) Sensitive information such as your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background or trade union membership. We do not generally collect sensitive information unless it is necessary due to exceptional circumstances to serve you better and meet your particular needs. Please refer to our ‘Non-Discrimination Policy’ for information on this (click here to view);
d) Recording of your image through the video conference or calls made for purposes of interview may be kept for a limited period and access is restricted;
e) Photographs that you provide to us for the registration in the Website and solely for the Purpose;
f) Photographs or videos that are taken if you attend any of our coprorpate events or functions;
g) Posts and information that you provide when you communicate with PSERV360 personally or by electronical means including social media;
h) Contact info for certain services, it is mandatory for Users to provide PSERV360 with your Personal Data to enable delivery of the Services. If Users fail to provide such Personal Data, or choose to stop PSERV360 from processing such Personal Data, which Users are entitled to do, PSERV360 may not be able to render the Services to Users. In any such event, PSERV360 shall not be liable to Users whether for loss of opportunity or any other loss or damage which Users may suffer;
i) information will be in possession and control of PSERV360 which relates directly or indirectly to Users (or any other corporation or individual) to the extent that you (or the other corporation or individual) may be identified or identifiable from that information or from that combined with other information in the possession of the PSERV360

2. How we collect your Personal Data

PSERV360 may collect Personal Data from you, your authroized representatives, third parties, or from publicly available sources which may include but is not limited to:-

j) In using the Website or interacting with or contacting us in anyway you may provide / may be asked to provide to PSERV360;
k) When you register with us for any reason and through whatever means (e.g. social media posts; feedback; querries; request for service);
l) When you participate in any survey, questionnaire, promotion, etc whether done by us or any third party appointed by us;
m) When you commence a business relationship with us whether directly or through a resource agency;
n) When you attend our corporate events or functions;
o) From such other sources where you have given your consent for the disclosure of your Personal Data and/or otherwise lawfully required.

3. How we use the information we collect

a) PSERV360 may “process” the Personal Data by way of collecting, recording, holding, storing, downloading, copying, using or disclosing the Personal Data.

b) PSERV360 may process the Personal Data to:

i. contact you by email or telephone with regards to your querries and/or registration;
ii. to prepare reports or replies for provision of the services including sending, receiving, clarifying and computing assessment or profiling questionnaires;
iii. for the purpose of job matching and search results for jobs by prospective Hirers;
iv. viewing of profile by interested Hirers;
v. for submission of interview request or applying for a job;
vi. for scheduling an interview, issuing engagement orders, visa;
vii. all matters related to job completion, timesheets, invoicing and payment including proof for claims as required by the Hirer (as relevant); and/or
viii. may be used for purposes of market research, promotion and marketing by PSERV360, its affiliates (including its parent, subsidiary, related and associated companies), or third party advertisers, both in general or customised based on the Personal Data processed. You may opt out of such promotion and marketing by notifying PSERV360 by writing to our customer service centre email address:

4. Information Sharing

a) The Personal Data information on this Website / Platform may be shared with affiliates of PSERV360 (including its parent, subsidiary, related and associated companies) or third parties solely for the Purposes related to the Website. PSERV360 shall endeavour to adequately ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Data. These third parties, and the purpose for their processing of your Personal Data, are as follows:

i. Administrative purposes including approval of profiles and user accounts registerd prior to publishing on the Website, to profile and verify the appropriateness of the consultants registerd based on the Purpose of the Website;
ii. For purposes of vetting and verification any documents uploaded for any purpose to determine appropriateness and ensure no illegal activity;
iii. For preparation, issuance and monitoring of invoices and payment;
iv. Pursuant to regulatory requirements of the Government (if any), valid court order, instructions by relevant government agencies in the event of suspicion of illegal activities including terrorism, espionage, human trafficking, money laundering, etc;
v. Marketing and market research to better improve the services of the Platform or Website.

b) As part of the Services offered to you through this Website, the Personal Data you have provided to PSERV360 may be transferred outside of Malaysia to be processed for any of the purposes set out above. Users hereby expressly consent to PSERV360 transferring Users Personal Data outside Malaysia for such purposes. PSERV360 shall endeavour to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to procure that such third parties outside of Malaysia shall not use the Personal Data other than for that part of the Purpose and to adequately ensure the confidentiality of the Personal Data.

5. Links to third party

While using our site you may be directed to sites that are beyond our control. This Policy does not extend to usage of such sites.

6. Cookie Technology

a) PSERV360 may use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve and personalise use of the website.

b) The type of data collected by PSERV360 through the cookies or tracking technologies may include your IP address, date and time of visit of the website and to allow presentation of personalised version of the Site and for improvement.

c) Where cookies are used, Users may choose to delete or block the cookies by changing the settings on Users’ computer or device. However, choosing to do so may reduce the functionality of the Site, the quality and efficiency of delivery of the Services or certain features of the Site.

7. How we protect personal information

PSERV360 uses its best endeavours to protect your Personal Data via technology and policies. However, PSERV360 makes no guarantee that its website will be free from security breaches, especially due to unauthorised actions of third parties such as, but not limited to spoof attacks, session hacking, DDoS attack, sniffing or tampering. PSERV360 shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of such actions.

8. Accuracy of Personal Data

PSERV360 aims to keep all Personal Data as accurate as possible. You may request access to and review your Personal Data via our customer service centre email address below. All requests which will be handled pursuant to PSERV360 standard process and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

9. Updates to this Policy

This Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices with respect to the portal. We will indicate at the top of the notice when it was most recently updated.
In the event you require further clarification on the policy, please contact our customer service centre at support@pser360.com with your queries with regards to any country specific information required.