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This Data Protection and Privacy Policy is a binding legal document between PSERV360 and the user of the portal that explains the privacy practices of PSERV360 and its affiliates with respect to the information collected through the portal. SHOULD YOU OBJECT AND/OR NOT CONSENT TO THE TERMS HEREIN, KINDLY CEASE FROM USING THE PLATFORM IMMEDIATELY.

  1. Information we collect
  • We shall collect and store the following information that you provide directly or generate through your use of the portal:-


  • Personal profile of freelance consultants and consultants registered through agencies which includes names, identification details, citizenships, genders, email addresses, locations, educational backgrounds and work/professional experiences etc; and


  • Any other information related to the Purpose of the Platform as requested by PSERV360 and/or disclosed by the users.


  • Agencies shall get the consent of the consultants prior to registration on the website. PSERV360 reserves the right to remove any consultant from the user’s account or block the user’s account temporarily depending on the severity of any breaches and/or complaints received.


  1. How we use the information we collect:-


  • PSERV360 may “process” the data collected by way of collecting, recording, holding, storing, downloading, copying, using or disclosing the data.


  • The information collected from users who are service providers in relation to location, work experience, educational background, and/or availability etc will be used to match an SAP Talent against the jobs posted by the Hirer.


  • The information shall also be used to verify and validate the authenticity of the users of the Platform, insofar as PSERV360 deems appropriate. This usage may include the verification of users through various credit agencies, as applicable.


  • PSERV360 may also use the data collected to:-


  1. contact you by email or telephone;
  2. detect, investigate and prevent fraudulent, prohibited or illegal activities; and/or
  • enforce the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use, Terms of Service and/or policies herein.


  • The data collected shall used for the purposes of market research, promotion and marketing by PSERV360, its affiliates (including its parent, subsidiary, related and associated companies), or third party advertisers, both in general or customised based on the data processed. You may opt out of such promotion and marketing by notifying support@pserv360.com.


  • All usage of the information we collect for the Purpose of the Platform is consented and agreed to by the users, from their usage of the Platform.


  • In some countries and based on the requirements of the law and government policies, information concerning gender and nationality may be released and/or shared shared with regulatory bodies or based of statutory obligations imposed by law from time to time. The Platform does not make such disclosure compulsory but it may affect the quality of the matching of jobs from some countries.


  • Data collected may be used for survey and enhancement of the website.


  • All data usage shall be carried out pursuant to PSERV360’s standard process and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Malaysia).


  1. Information Sharing


The personal  data information on this portal may be shared with affiliates of PSERV360 for purposes of validation and verification of account, payment and invoicing where relevant.


  1. Links to third party


The portal is presently linked to third party applications only for specific processes inclusive of but not limited to video conferencing and email integration.


While using our site you may be directed to sites that are beyond our control. This Policy does not extend to usage of such sites.


  1. Cookie Technology

We use cookie technology on this portal for purposes of user experience.


  1. How we protect personal information


We use our best endevours to store all User Content and/or general data on servers with restricted access, and all transmission and personal data are secured with appropriate security technologies.


However, PSERv360 makes no guarantee that this website will be free from security breaches, especially due to unauthorised actions of third parties such as, but not limited to spoof attacks, session hacking, sniffing or tampering. PSERV360 shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of such actions


  1. Updates to this Policy


This Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices with respect to the portal. We will indicate at the top of the notice when it was most recently updated.

In the event a user requires further clarification on the policy, please contact our customer service centre at support@pserv360.com with your queries in relation to any country specific information you may require.