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SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI).

SAP calls XI an integration broker, as it mediates between entities with different access, configuration, and protocol specifications. According to SAP, by offering a specific interface server, XI reduces the integration costs.

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SAP Knowledge Management (KM).

SAP KM can be used for Documentation (for example, application help), Training material and Handbooks (especially for quality management).

It allows documentation to be provided to users in three possible ways:

  1. Via a web server that provides access to the entire documentation set
  2. Via context-sensitive help from another SAP application
  3. Through the creation of stand-alone Windows Help files
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SAP Master Data Management (MDM).

MDM is not only a system that runs by itself, but it is an enterprise-wide task that requires joint efforts from different business areas as well as organizational rules and processes for managing master data.

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SAP Incentive and Commission Management (ICM).

ICM can improved sales performance or quality, cost reductions or other types of value creation for your organization.

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SAP Apparel and Footwear (AFS).

SAP AFS allows you to take advantage of the latest SAP technology and infrastructure enhancements. For companies involved in the apparel and footwear market, this is a great option available which can benefit the your business.