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    MYR 7500 - 8000/ Monthly
MYR 7500 - 8000 /Monthly

TNB Change Manager (Organization)

Job Description:

Requested Role from Bodyshop Contract : Organisational Change Management

Reporting Manager : Program Lead

Department : Technology & Architecture

Division : ICT

Job Description

This role will provide dedicated support and assistance to the Program Lead in the following areas:

  1. Define the organisational change management and communication plan.
  2. Create and manage the overall health and direction of cloud community of practices across TNB including promoting the community and communicating its results and success stories to all stakeholders.
  3. Create and manage a collaboration platform for the members to exchange ideas and best practices, ask for and receive advice, and collaborate on cloud-related cross-community projects.
  4. Lead the curation and management of an intranet site that the community can contribute to as knowledge repository.
  5. Lead the curation and management of a source code repository that contains orchestration templates, code libraries and other artifacts. These may encapsulate the organization’s best practices or may simply be helpful in encouraging cloud-related code reuse throughout the organization.
  6. Plan and facilitate in-person or virtual meetings that allow community members to share and learn from each other. Such meetings may also feature external speakers.
  7. Provide leadership to the organization’s cloud community in general. More broadly, however, cloud change leaders are likely to be scattered throughout the organization, in a variety of roles, at a variety of levels. They need to be nurtured, trained and encouraged to help lead transformation efforts. They also form an important talent pool for future cloud projects.

Roles & Responsibility:

Education Qualifications:

  1. Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Business Administration or Science.


Professional Certification Advantage:

  1. Certified Change Management Professionals.


Experience Required:

  1. Experience in managing at least one (1) IT transformation-related change for large organisation (more than 1000 staff).
  2. Have been involved in at least three (3) IT projects in change management capacity.
  3. Have been in Change Management domain for at least five (5) years.
  4. Deep knowledge of change management practices.


Personal Skill Requirements:

  1. Positive attitude towards works.
  2. Basic understanding of finance, profit & loss, budgeting.
  3. Fluent in English and Bahasa Melayu (for Malaysian candidates)
  4. Good interpersonal skills for dealing with all relevant stakeholders.
  5. Good communication skills with the ability to present technical details to a non-technical audience.
  6. The ability to work with a structured and methodical approach, combined with an enquiring mind.
  7. An aptitude for problem solving, with the ability to take a logical route to the source of an error.
  8. A basic understanding of business processes. Capable of analysing a process.
  9. An enquiring mind, good at problem solving.

Team player attitude.


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    1 Years
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