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About Us

The most comprehensive SAP resource platform, PSERV360 connects SAP Hirers, recruitment agencies and SAP Talents seamlessly. An end to end solution to SAP sourcing needs, PSERV360 matches hirers and SAP talents via a bespoke matching algorithm. The legitimacy of both hirers and SAP Talents is assured through a thorough screening by PSERV360 verification and validation process. Through the platform,Hirers are able to obtain specific qualities on SAP Talents via the SAP Unique Traits (SUT©) feature. Besides that, SAP Talents can optimize their potential by updating their availability on the Schedule Optimizer (SO©) feature. Free consultation on SAP requirements is also made available through Quick Assessment & Recommendation (QAR©).

Why us ?

A one-stop centre for SAP sourcing,PSERV360aims toreducethe time and effort needed for project talent engagement from 30 to 40 days to 10 days.PSERV360is a new and convenient way of doing recruitment that is available 24/7 with a readily available pool of verified talents from around the globe. Catering to Hirers’ needs,PSERV360emphasizes ontransparencyinitstransactions. Withno hidden fees,PSERV360iscomplimentary for all SAP Talents andrecruitmentagencies

How it works ?

I am a Hirer

Are you looking for SAPTalents to work on your SAP projects?

Hirers can now update project briefs and requirements on PSERV360. Based on the requirements, a list of eligible SAP Talent profiles will be recommended by the platform. Once shortlisted, you can request for an interview via PSERV360. After the interview, you can  proceed to engage successful candidates by uploading engagement orders. As a Hirer, you can monitor timesheets, invoices and make payment all on PSERV360.

I am an Agency

Are you looking SAP projects and wish to deploy your SAP Talents under your agency? 

SAP Agencies can kill two birds with one stone as all agencies are also hirers. As a service provider, upload and administer SAP Talent profiles under your agency’s PSERV360 account. Whenever there is a suitable job that matches your SAP Talent, PSERV360 will notify you! Manage your SAP Talents’ schedule and optimize their full potential. On PSERV360, you can arrange and keep track of interview sessions, engagement orders, timesheets, invoices and receive payments with ease. 

I am an independent SAP Talent

Are you looking for SAP jobs?

Upload your complete profile and secure your next SAP job. As an independent SAP Talent, you can manage your schedule and availability for Hirers’ information. List yourself as available whenever you are looking for your next project. Get matched to suitable jobs based on your profile. You can also search for available jobs listed on the platform. Through PSERV360, working remotely has never been easier. Upload agreed on engagement orders, timesheets, invoices and receive payments on PSERV360.